2 Army Green PowderJets + 1 Mini

2 Army Green PowderJets + 1 Mini

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The PowderJet is a unique powder supplement funnel and storage container.

It's patented design allows for AIR intake and exhaust so powders JET into any water or juice bottle making it the undisputed best supplement funnel.

Get maximum convenience and keep loaded PowderJets on your keychain and in your car, gym bag and desk drawer so you never miss a meal.

FAST AND CONVENIENT - PowderJet funnel is a scientifically designed supplement container that holds one serving of any nutritional powder and allows the user to jet the powder directly into any water or juice bottle

SMART FLOW TECHNOLOGY - Unlike other storage funnels the PowderJet’s patented “smart flow technology” allows granulated powders to flow quickly and freely while delivering a perfectly mixed drink every time

HIGH QUALITY - Highest grade plastic assembled and packed in the USA

BPA FREE - Our BPA free anti static funnel is easy to clean and dishwasher safe

REVIEWS - A national vitamin shop retail chain classify our funnel for internal classification purposes as BEST and the other competing china models as only GOOD- the PowderJet is the best supplement funnel you can buy.