PowderJet: An Innovative Solution Beyond Storing Healthy Protein Powder Drinks

Oftentimes, what seems like the simplest of inventions turns out to be among the best. After all, innovations are born out of  the need to make mundane tasks more efficient and convenient. Such was the case when Jon Derek, an Australian entrepreneur, formally established and introduced PowderJet, an innovative storage solution that has gone beyond being just a container for healthy protein powder drinks, to the world. 


It all began in 2010. Jon was going about his usual routine of biking from the gym to his workplace when the idea struck him. During his commute, he ruminated on the concept of not having to carry his shaker bottle around anymore. He found it inconvenient, not to mention bulky and cumbersome, to always bring it with him every time he had to leave home.


Jon thought about how much easier it would be if he could just mix his boost protein drink while on the go, using a cold bottle of water he could easily get from the corner deli. Not only would it spare him from the hassles of having to carry a shaker bottle around all the time, and leaving it behind inadvertently. But it would also buy him more time to relax or do other more important things, instead of constantly washing and drying it, only to discard it after a few months due to bacteria growth.


From these perceived benefits, Powder Storage Funnels came into being. 


Before Jon and his team finalized and perfected the design of the PowderJet Powder Storage Funnels, they performed intensive research and countless tests. Hundreds of prototypes and several months later, they  formally launched their innovative storage solution. 


Today, armed with numerous awarded and pending patents, PowderJet is a widely recognized brand. It manufactures and distributes the PowderJet and PowderJet Mini. Both product variants are considered premier solutions for powder storage funnels. Available for wholesale purchases, this type of highly functional, multipurpose self storage device can be private-labeled. This advantage allows buyers to imprint their logos on them and resell them in their business or use as promotional items. 


For more information on the benefits and workings of PowderJet Storage Funnels, contact us at info@powderjet.com today.