PowderJet: The Smart Storage Solution for Your Active Lifestyle

PowderJet: The Smart Storage Solution for Your Active Lifestyle

The storage solution for powder drink mixes may seem like a no-brainer. Just get a big-enough container, pour in the content, screw the cover back on, stash it inside your gym or daily travel bag, and off you go. Easy, right? 

If you've used a conventional container (which usually holds more than a week or month's supply) and have dealt with spills, you know: It's anything but easy. That aside, these storages are bulky and take up a lot of space in your bag. 

Now, storing them inside plastic bags is a different story. Not only are their materials flimsy and highly prone to leakage, but scooping or pouring the contents into your bottle can be quite a messy, annoying affair. 

Good thing, you no longer have to force yourself to deal with such inconveniences. With PowderJet, storing and dispensing your powder mixes become easy, breezy, and almost effortless! 

A Smart Solution That Works

At the heart of the PowderJet revolutionary storage technology is a scientific design that addresses factors, which may keep the pulverized contents from flowing. It redefines "easy storage solutions" by providing distinct advantages. They are made possible by the following ergonomic features that distinguish PowderJet from the competition: 

  • Advanced Air Jet Cap for smooth airflow
  • Once aligned, the abbreviated threads located on the funnel and large-cap create air intake vents. The large-cap and funnel have their separate "markers." When they are aligned, the vents are automatically activated, so air flows into the device, allowing the powder to flow easily in turn. 

  • Exhaustive Vents for efficient powder flow
  • These abbreviated cap threads are visible on the exterior of the small end of the funnel. They allow the air from the water bottle to escape, so the powder flows with ease.

  • Strategically Positioned Ribs for automatic air escape
  • These intelligently placed ribs, which you can easily find on the exterior of the PowderJet, work in the same fashion as the small jet vents. They let air escape seamlessly every time you use the device with bottles that have larger openings. 

    A Smart, Convenient Way to Enjoy Freshly Made Drinks Anytime, Anywhere

    Simple, intelligent, and effective—these qualities define the PowderJet storage solution. In using it, look forward to experiencing these benefits: 

  • Get the perfect mix every single time 
  • No need to bring your water container. Any water bottle will work with PowderJet. Since bottles are tapered near the opening, the water whirls like a mini-tornado whenever you shake it from cap to end. This spinning motion creates a perfectly mixed drink every time. 

  • Fits your water bottles snugly
  • The small end of PowderJet fits most water bottle openings exactly. This optimized snug fit ensures the quick, mess-free release of the powder into the liquid. Because your hands are free, you can scoop powder without worries (if you're using the device as a Jet Funnel). 

  • BPA-free for safe, regular use
  • To limit friction while decreasing static electricity, we added a special additive with the high-grade, BPA-free plastic during the manufacturing process. Overall, it further enhances the powder flow. 

  • Ideal storage for all types of powder content
  • PowderJet is the ideal formula storage. It can also contain and effectively release all kinds of powder contents, even those with sugar or oil that hinder the smooth flow. Powders with these ingredients are sticky. Although PowderJet is scientifically designed to provide maximum powder flow, the stickiness of the content slows down the process. If the flow suddenly stops, you only have to tap the top lightly with a finger to restart it. 

  • Optimal performance, fuss-free maintenance
  • To ensure the optimal performance of PowderJet, you have to prevent potential residue from building up. Keep the device functional for always by simply rinsing it in clean water every once in a while. Afterward, dry it thoroughly, and you can use it once more.