PowderJet Patented Flow Technology: Smart Storage Solution Made Easy

PowderJet Patented Flow Technology: Smart Storage Solution Made Easy

What sets the PowderJet smart storage solution apart from the rest? 


When we started designing our product, we knew that there should be more to a travel container for powder mixes/beverages than just having the right size. It should make transferring the content to another container--in this case, a water bottle--convenient. This objective means no spills, leakages, and hindrances to a smooth flow. 

That is why we came up with our Patented Flow Technology. It turns the whole process into a functional science. In a nutshell, it transforms our container-cum-funnel for filling bottles into a smart storage solution that works!

Advanced Technological Features

Our Patented Smart Flow Technology allows air to move freely into the funnel and out of the water bottle. This movement is responsible for making pulverized contents flow smoothly and quickly. 

In the process, it eliminates clogging and clumping, so you no longer have to tap the funnel continuously to get the powder out. The following unique features define this exclusive, state-of-the-art technology: 

  • Abbreviated Air Jet Cap Threads

You can find these marked threads on the funnel and large-cap. The threads on the funnel are marked differently from those on the large-cap. The moment you align them, they create intake vents that let air into the device, so the powder flows perfectly.  

  • Exhaustive Vents on the Funnel Exterior

Found on the small end of the funnel, the abbreviated cap threads make it possible for the air from the water bottle to escape. In turn, this process also promotes the smooth flow of the powder. 

  • Intelligently Positioned Ribs on the Exterior

These strategically placed ribs on the outer part of the device work in the same way as the small jet vents. The only difference is these ribs were designed to release air efficiently whenever you use PowderJet on bottles with openings that are bigger than the standard variety.  

Directions for Use:

  1. Load your preferred powder drink mix into the PowderJet smart storage solution.
  2. Insert the funnel into the bottle opening after taking the small-cap off it.

(Note: See to it that your water bottle is not full to the brim. It should have ample space for the powder.)

  1. Allow the powder to flow in seamlessly by aligning the jet markers to open the jet vents. 
  2. Once all the powder has been transferred into the liquid, re-seal the bottle cap. Shake  your water bottle to mix the liquid and powder drink, and enjoy your beverage!